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||| July 2022

Landmark Castle

Solo exhibition at Moto Moto AIR Kumamoto, Japan

||| February 2022


Promotion and strengthening of artistic production related to performing arts in Bolivia

||| December 2021

Zan: reading Nuevo León in India

Nacional colloquium Nellie Campobello - Instituto de Cultura del Estado de Durango

||| November 2021

A castle for Temixco at SAPS La Tallera

Produced as part of the public program Nativo: nuevos monumentos with the suport of Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo

||| October 2021

Zonas de Contacto -> DAHJ and H-ART VR gallery

This exhibition is held in conjunction with the collaborative journal issue between H-ART and the DAHJ entitled “Zonas de contacto: Art History in a Global Network?” A form of praxis, the VR exhibition expands the journals’ discussions into areas of artistic production.

RADH 2021

Imaginary border to construct women identities “Zan: much clothes to dress with” at the International Conference on Recent Advances in Digital Humanities, University of Bucharest.

||| September 2021

DRHA 2021 Digital Matters: Designing / Performing Agency for the Anthropocene

Panel Social Movements, Digitally & Interconnectivity (Humboldt University Berlin)

||| May 2021

Uncommon Senses III: Back to the Future of the Senses

sesion 3.2.5 SENSORY POLITICS II (Center for Sensory Studies: Concordia University)

||| March 2021

Senninbari: Evoking the Mexican Perspective of the Current Pandemic at the International Symposium on Representations of the Pandemic in Literature

||| December 2020

Senninbari (protection amulet in gratitud for our doctors’ labor)

in: The Tempest exhibition at Culture Center Teopanzolco, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Efecto colateral: intervención de la acción cotidiana de ir por el pan

In: Arte y Políticas de Identidad Vol. 23 (2020): Archivo, Memoria y Performatividad

Outside in: exile at home at ---> SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020

||| October 2020

IV Coloquio internacional de las culturas del desierto | UACJ Casas Grandes, Chihuahua

||| July 2020

Outside in: exile at home. An algorithmic discrimination system

In: Andrés Burbano; Ruth West (coord.) «AI, Arts & Design: Questioning Learning Machines». Artnodes, No.26



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