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| | I came to the world. Stockholm
I came to the world. Stockholm
Annabel Castro & Linda Ryan Bengtsson 2004
duration 12' 30''

On December 7th 2003, Linda and I walked with the earth on her route around herself. In the minutes of every hour we searched for the ones transiting public space.

Before starting the 24 hour action, we extracted 80 phrases from Peter Handke’s monolog Self--accusation. This text is written fully in the first person and almost all its sentences are in past tense. We asked each of the strollers to complete some of these phrases; fifty percent decided to collaborate. Some didn’t participate because they found the task too intimate and others considered the -7°C temperature reason enough to avoid stopping. The 12’30’’ video contains a selection of voices found in each of the 24 hours of the action.

I came to the world. Stockholm is a portrait of a city through the voices of its strollers, the places and times at which they walk by and what they choose to say about their past. It’s a city’s accidental self reflection on a Sunday some years ago.

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Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona, Barcelona
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