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.. .. .. .. .. Senninbari (protection amulet in gratitud for our doctors’ labor)

Senninbari is the name of a waist sash with a thousand stitches, each one stitched by a different person. To give it as a protective amulet to soldiers going away to war was a common Japanese costume during WWII. This algorithmic video projection evokes a thousand doctors and it is meant to honor Mexican medical practice during the present pandemic. In 1917, Mexico signed a bilateral agreement accepting Japanese medical doctors, dentists and pharmacists to practice in our country. During WWII Mexican citizens were indefinitely detained solely for having Japanese ancestry, many of them doctors due to the agreement. The video projection enunciates continuously the unjustly detained professionals, Mexican contemporary medicine practitioners and classic Japanese literature physicians thus constructing through time the thousand doctor amulet.

  Projection view at Teopanzolco Culture Center, Cuernavaca-Morelos in Mexico


  Projection still & video translated to English

La tormenta (The Tempest), Teopanzolco Culture Center, December 8th 2020 - January 25th 2021

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