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| | Micro-nostalgia
Ethnography and Folklore Museum, La Paz-Bolivia
Two-channel real time algorithmic video installation

Author Annabel Castro
Photography directors Ha Na Lee & Martin Jarmick
Performers Anthony Apfelbeck, Brie Chung & Angela E. Weaver
Technical advice Soyoung Shin
Production assistants Melissa Ann Carter, Jennifer Locket & Samuel Potter

This installation revisits a fragment of time continuously, thinks persistently 5 minutes of a yesterday, remixes its internal order obsessively to try to look in different ways a small bit of past. In Micro-nostalgia the present is just an excuse to reorder an unforgotten episode.

A projection shows a window where one can see what is currently happening on a street nearby the exhibition space. Another one shows a real time edited video of a performer executing the gestures a person did during 5 minutes of conversation. The algorithmic decisions that determine the way in which this video is edited are partially influenced by what is on view through the projected window. Aspects such as how much time has past without too much movement, towards which direction is the majority moving, how sunny or how gray the day is, how dark is the evening or the night, have an effect on the editing decisions.

  A fragment of the video edited in real time

Micro-nostalgia is a 5 minutes sequence of gestures done by someone during a conversation that tock place in March. This sequence was then interpreted and executed y three different persons who where videotaped from different perspectives.

The resulting video stock is edited in real time algorithmically during the exhibition of the installation, varying constantly the number of frames per second, the chronological order of the events and micro-events, the frame and the performer or performers that rethink the conversation. The projection is trapped in a boundary of quotidian-ness of 9000 fractions of a second.

  A fragment of the video edited in real time
  A fragment of the video edited in real time

High Tech Low, Ethnography and Folklore Museum, La Paz-Bolivia

Embedding Absence, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA

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